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Where to Go for the Best Coffee in Perth

Our picks for the cafés in Perth delivering boundary-pushing and decadent coffee.

We’re spoilt for cafés. From casual brunch spots to laboratory-style contemporary fit-outs, there is a café to turn anyone in Perth into a coffee enthusiast.

Here are our picks for the cafés in Perth delivering boundary-pushing and decadent coffee.

La Veen

La Veen’s six group frankenstein double coffee machine has long been a welcome sight to coffee lovers in Perth’s CBD.

The team are early champions of batch brew and constant boundary pushers in coffee, with more challenging signatures including a rotating list of house-roasted and imported filter coffees on manual pourover and SP9. The truly adventurous can even dare to find out whatever a cokepresso is.


Modus are a modern fit out fuelled by owner operators Sam and Toby, their love for coffee, and years of café experience. Every detail has been considered in this space, which delivers some of Perth’s best coffee at incredible speed. In 2020 they expanded to a second store in East Victoria Park, with an expanded food menu.

You’d expect such a popular café complete with their own roastery co-op to be come with an air of snobbery, but their team’s charm and welcome are enough to make anyone feel right at home.


Laika and their eponymous in-house roastery bring some of the best coffee in the world to a context where anyone would feel truly welcome.

Any given day you’ll catch owner Josh taking orders and waiting tables, incredibly humble and personable to everyone who comes into one of the most busting cafés in the area.

Felix & Co.

Felix & Co. fit the modern café image more closely than anyone else on this list, but don’t be fooled—the staff are friendly and informative, and will happily direct you through their rotating coffee list to some of the best espresso based drinks you’ve ever had.

Queen of Leeds

Originally the sister store to Felix & Co., Queen of Leeds are a familiar setup in the heart of Leederville.

Recently they’ve taken their own direction, taking advantage of a familial relationship with Melbourne’s Proud Mary roastery to become the Perth showroom of the coffee powerhouse.

Mano a Mano Coffee Bar

Mano a Mano spent years supplying great coffee to Perth from within the gorgeous Gordon St Garage.

Having now moved just across the road, their new coffee bar is the new best place to try the beans which fuel the best of Perth’s coffee scene exactly how they were meant to taste.

Blacklist Subiaco Space

Blacklist in Subiaco is a roastery cellar door of sorts.

With a $9 tasting option which covers as much coffee as you can handle, they are a must-try for anyone looking to penetrate the world of specialty coffee or introducing a friend to the great coffee they love.


A high quality and whip-fast cafe with a barista’s mad science lab backbone. Hemingway is one of Perth’s few exceptional cafes without an attached in-house roaster, making it one of the best ways to explore coffee from a range of different palates.

While everyone passing through will have a delightful coffee at Hemingway, coffee nerds will appreciate Q Grader Calvin’s coffee playground featuring a sub-zero bean cellar, under-bench Modbar espresso machine and, a pourover robot.

Humblebee Coffee

Humblebee’s service highlights some of the finest aspects of the specialty coffee scene: passion for a better cup without a hint of pretension or snobbery.

After roasting and serving outstanding espresso and filter coffee for over half a decade from their home base in Mt Hawthorne, their Rivervale location has brought the same quality coffee South of the river.

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