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Ryan and Seren Chu Talk Days Off

We caught up with Ryan and Seren Chu of Highgate’s delicious and popular Chu Bakery to talk about where they eat and drink on their days off.

Ryan and Seren Chu are the owners and respectively the head baker and pastry chef of Highgate’s delicious and popular Chu Bakery. We caught up with them to talk about where they eat and drink on their days off.


“Monday is our day off from Chu, and we like to start with coffee” says Ryan, mentioning neighbours Modus and Bossman as well as Telegram in the city’s State Buildings.

“Coffee is another love of ours, and it’s almost a religion in Perth” he adds.


“We find ourselves eating lunch at Petition in the State Buildings a lot too, they’re really good” adds Seren, “They're baby friendly which is great for us.”

Wines of While down the road are also great for drinks. We don’t find ourselves there often but we love it when we do.”

We asked if the Wines of While bread was Chu-approved, and Seren said that it was, adding that they often see Sam in for coffee, and the two teams are excited to support one and other’s businesses.

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