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Where to Find Perth’s Best Pizza

Sometimes anything will do, but when it comes time to savour a truly delicious pizza, we’ve listed where you can get Perth’s best.

Because pizza plays so beautifully with wine, we’ve also included whether each of our listings are BYO or have great wine by the glass or bottle.

Neighbourhood Pizza

Underground but incredibly friendly, this pizza shop tucked away in a Mt Hawthorn alleyway do New York classics right with handmade dough and simple ingredients.



Named after it’s owners’ daughter’s attempt to pronounce Mozzarella, You can find Monsterella pumping any day of the week. Booking are essential if you hope to dine in, and their brilliant Italian style pizza draws people throughout Wembley and Surrounds.

Monsterella is BYO but those showing up empty-handed can order pizza to their neighbouring wine bar Mummucc.

BYO M-Thur

Lallah Rookh

Lallah Rookh may just be one of Perth's most interesting fine dining hospitality venues, and while they show no signs of slowing down, they're increasingly open to more casual dining with a pizza menu which reflects a perfect marriage of their fine dining menu and the casual after work drinks vibe you'll find in their courtyard.

Awesome bottle and BTG wine list.


A sister (Or brother) store from the family which brought you Neighbourhood Pizza, Rossonero sport a fitout very much in keeping with the industrial vibes of the Mt Hawthorn establishment.

The differences only begin to emerge once you enter the kitchen, where Neighbourhood’s traditional woodfired over has been replaced by a very modern electric conveyor style oven. What doesn’t differ across the board is great crust and delicious pizza.


Canteen Pizza

Il Lido's Pizza joint brings out a bright and bubbly aspect to their serious love of food and wine.

The pizza is some of the best in Perth, but this pizza joint stands out from all others during the moments just before sunset with one of Perth's best vistas right outside.

No BYO, but a great wine list.

Dank Pizza

The antihero in this collection, in its current popup state at Twin Peaks Coffee Roasters, Dank Pizza subverts many qualities of other Pizza restaurants.

They eschew BYO-friendly and curated wine lists with espresso and filter coffee from Twin Peaks, supplant a cozy and welcoming interior with milk crate seating in a car park, and snub predictable opening hours for a narrow breakfast window on Saturday mornings.

And yet, one thing that is very much consistent with the venues featuerd here is the quality of the pizza—fueled by 3 Gozney Roccbox ovens, capable of reaching temperatures required to cook neapolitan pizza in minutes.

If you’re looking for a very different experience, without compromising on the quality of pizza, Dank Pizza may just be the venue.

No BYO, coffee available

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