A non-exhaustive, not exhausting, guide.

ThirdPlaces is written from the firsthand experiences of a small team. It is our attempt to highlight transparency and integrity in Perth’s food scene, free from advertising and sponsored posts.

We built ThirdPlaces not as a definitive guide to good food in Perth but as a reflection of our own values toward quality, sustainability, provenance, and traceability.

ThirdPlaces in particular seeks to highlight small owner-operators, especially those who are often too busy keeping their dream alive to be able to conduct their own high-level marketing.

Guiding principles


We are building the thing we wanted to exist, so we—and you—can use it.


Find what you’re looking for, then leave here and go there.

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No ads, no bloat, no conflicts of interest.


From the site to the content, ThirdPlaces reflects our taste.

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